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Is this comm still active?

Posted by popelaksmi on 2012.11.22 at 10:50
Just wondering if anyone is still interested in this community since it hasn't been active. I could post like 3-4 reviews but who will read them?

Maybe I should just post to my own LJ?

A bunch of coworkers are looking to get together for a very casual catch-up lunch for Wednesday or Thursday of next week (probably a late lunch). Somewhere with a patio, cheap food (in price, but yummy), cheap drinks.. just a great casual environment where we can sit down and spend the afternoon catching up with eachother!
Anywhere downtown or the West end, around the Carling and Bayshore area.
And definitely a place where we don't feel rushed or feel as if we are costing the server money by occupying a table for too long.

Thanks for any suggestions!

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Favourite restaurants

Posted by mashimero on 2009.04.08 at 23:18
Hi, I'm new to this community and I'm looking for some good places to eat around Ottawa. So where are your favourite restaurants? You know, the ones that you always fall back on when you feel like eating out but can't make up your mind, the places where you don't have to look at the menu to order.

Preferably in the downtown/eastern Ottawa areas.

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A Good Recommendation

Posted by 35mmhalide on 2009.01.16 at 11:37
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Seafood lovers will surely have a great time when they visit Coasters Seafood Grill! I had a great experience in this place together with my date a couple of months ago. Coasters is obviously a friendly place that warmly accommodates customers. Talk about the food... Coasters Seafood Grill has much to offer. Seafood dishes are extremely delicate and yummy. The place is romantic too, with seats and bar stools placed in the best part of the house which offers a great view overlooking the historical Byward Market, soft couches and cozy fireplaces. It will absolutely leave a casual ambiance that insists on total relaxation and fun.

The menu ranges from a large varieties of fresh fish, squids, lobsters etc. barbecued in the open kitchen, to the best delectable fish & chips in downtown Ottawa. Whether you're planning to enjoy a full lunch or dinner, light meal, snack or just to chill out and have a great time enjoying the sights with a glass of wine -- this is the place to be!


Caribbean Sizzler?

Posted by miss_bontemps on 2009.01.05 at 12:40
Hi all!

I was wondering if anyone has been to the Caribbean Sizzler (www.caribbeansizzler.com), at Slater and Bank.

I'm trying to figure out a lunch place for about 8 or so coworkers, and according to their website, this place looks promising. But, as I walked by this morning (while still closed), it looks more like a type of eat'n'go than a sit-down-and-socialize restaurant.

Is there a secret room in the back or separate door?

Also, should this place be a dud, have any recommendations for interesting, none-too-expensive place to bring coworkers, downtown? [we have already been to Ceylonta AND Horn of Africa :)]

Will gladly provide a review of any place recommended and chosen!



Seeking Indian restaurant(s)

Posted by popelaksmi on 2008.09.01 at 00:51
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Ok, I was surprised to not see any posting on Indian restaurants for the past several pages. Just one post about buffets but I am looking for a restaurant that is NOT a buffet.

I once went to an Indian restaurant that had "thali" plates (a little of everything for one or two people). It might have been on Bank, I am not sure.

Either way, can someone recommend a nice place. Does not have to be downtown. In fact, it is preferable if it isn't.

Thank you!


vietnamese subs

Posted by fuckfightfail on 2008.03.23 at 20:18
can any one help me find a vietnamese sub in ottawa.
i had one in montreal this weekend and i want another one.

a name and address would be great. if one exists.


Review: Black Cat Cafe

Posted by spiritus93 on 2007.09.19 at 11:42

Black Cat Cafe
93 Murray St
Ottawa, Ontario

Last Monday, we made our way to the Black Cat Cafe, a small bistro restaurant on the edge of the Byward Market, to celebrate my wife's birthday.  We had never been there but read favorable reviews online and were intringued by their simple but appetizing menu.

The restaurant is small and uncomplicated, a blank canvas for the succulent delicacies prepared in the open kitchen at the back.   We were seated promptly by a sidewalk window in comfortable chairs.  There was instrumental music playing softly and when it got dark outside, small candles were lit on each table, giving the whole place a warm glow.  The menu was simple and is printed seasonally, on plain paper, to highlight carefully chosen ingredients at the peek of their freshness.

I started with a gin Martini (Bombay Sapphire) which was clean, crisp and perfectly chilled.  Our waitress started us of with a small plate of freshly baked bread (traditional baguette and sun dried tomato flavored) sliced thin and served with fresh prepared butter.  Then followed a complimentary amuse-gueule which consisted of a piece of red juicy watermelon, skewered on a toothpick with a small heirloom tomato, resting on a drizzle of balsamic vinegar.  The quality of the produce used was evident from this delicious first bite.

We both selected the Crispy Duck Confit appetizer, elegantly displayed on a white rectangular plate with Apple Butter, Rhubarb Compote, Mizuna and Gorgonzola cheese.  The duck's skin was perfectly crispy and all the flavors blended harmoniously to the credit of this wonderful dish.   To accompany the food, I selected a white Chardonnay from Burgundy France and my wife chose the Australian Zinfandel in anticipation of her main course.

Of the 5 items on the main course section of the menu, I was instantly drawn to the Seared Sea Scallops ‘Saltimboca Style’ (Sage, Serrano Ham and Lemon Confit with a ‘Poutine’ of Roasted Fingerling Potatoes, Parmesan and Truffled Mushrooms).  My wife went for an old favorite, the Lamb Rack (Fingerling Potatoes, Buffalo Mozzarella, Eggplant Confit & Red Wine Jus).   Both our dished featured fresh local produce which the waitress explained, varies with availability.  Both of our dishes included a miniature corn cob, still in it's green leaves with the delicate silk.  My dish also featured some sugar snap peas, sweet and crispy, and my wife's has a fesh whole baby carrot.  Everything was fesh, delicious and presented beautifully on large white square plates.   The scallop dish was generous (4 large perfectly seared scallops resting on crispy green asparagus and full flavored Serrano Ham).  As much as the scallops were tender and tasty, the best part was the side dish which featured fingerling potatoes served "poutine" style with truffled crunchy enoki mushrooms, grated parmesan and a brown gravy which brought it all to a peak of mouth watering flavor!  My wife alos enjoyed her generous serving of lamb (3 large tender pieces on the bone)  which was perfectly cooked to her specification.

After such a great meal, there was only one choice for desert: the Quebec Cheese plate (St. Honore and Bleu Bénédictin with Spiced Pecans & Apple Butter).  The cheese was served with thinly sliced French baguette and "pop in your mouth" fresh Concord grapes.  I selected a glass of sweet desert white wine (Castelnau de Suduiraut Sauternes 2003 France) and my wife a 10 year old port (Smith Woodhouse) to enhance the wonderful artisan cheeses served on a large square white plate.

The service was perfect throughout, our waitress pleasant and knowledgeable about the food served.  As with all quality restaurants, the bill was steep but not unreasonably so in light of the quality of the food and wines served.  I highly recommend this delightful little island of gourmet delight for special occasions or spontaneous escapades.


Vegetarian restaurants

Posted by popelaksmi on 2007.09.04 at 20:33
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If someone recommends a (specifically) vegetarian restaurant I haven't been to, I promise to write a review. Anyone? Anyone? :D

I've been to the Table, The Green Door and the small restaurant in the Hindu temple (on Somerset I think). I'm about to try the Sacred Garden tomorrow.

Are there any others?


Ahora - Mexican restaurant

Posted by popelaksmi on 2007.06.17 at 13:26
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I had been looking for a GOOD decent restaurant in Ottawa for a while and I finally found one.

This is my first ever restaurant review so if I leave something out, just let me know and I will reply.

This restaurant is small and gets VERY busy on Friday and Saturday. Arrive early or be prepared to wait. It's on Dalhousie which is my only complaint but even that I can deal with. Overall the food is very fresh and reasonably priced. All dishes are under $12.75 and those are huge. I've been twice now, each time with the same person.

An intersting thing about Ahora, when you arrive and get seated you are given a menu. Once you've decided what to eat, you must go to the counter and order and pay immediately for the food you're about to eat. Then you sit back down and they bring your food once it is ready. When you are done eating, you can just get up and leave! Definite bonus!

The first time we went was on a Friday. It was crazy busy and we had to wait a bit for out food but it was so good we had to return. On our first trip we shared a small plate of nachos and then each had one of the main entrees. I had the "Plato Ahora" which is a huge burrito and I chose beans and salad as my "sides". My companion had the "Plato Ranchero" which was very similar (both had steak). We had a craving for sangria so we shared a bottle of that as well. By the time we finished we were quite tuffed. Total price was around $52.00 and that included alcohol!

The second time we went was on a Sunday and we shared a larger plate of nachos and the "Taco Taco" (chicken) plate. We ate less but we were not hungry at the end. We each had non-alcoholic drinks. Total bill was less than $30. Since we visited on Sunday it was much less busy and the service was extremely fast.

Ahora also has a "condiment bar" for lack of a better word. All you can eat: cilantro, hot peppers, onions, salsa, and 4 different types of sauces.

The ambiance is colourful and very welcoming. As I mentioned it is small place so when packed it can feel a bit cramped. The woman's bathroom is also small.

I highly recommend this place. It is a fabulous place to eat. Service is very friendly too, even chatty if they aren't incredibly busy.

The next time I go I plan to have the "Tostada" which is a chicken or beef salad in a corn tortilla shell. I can hardly wait!

I highly recomend this restaurant!


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